Distance Education in Palliative Care: an experience with online examinations in Sub Saharan Africa


Objective: To explore the feasibility of conducting online examinations in geographically dispersed countries in Sub Saharan Africa.

Method: Using Moodle Platform, 69 legible students from 11 Sub Saharan African Countries studying for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Palliative at the Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa, were administered semester one examinations through internet.

Results: 96% of the students successfully completed the examinations as scheduled and without encountering any problems. Two students experienced internet interruptions, one student could not login and another student misunderstood the time zone differences.


With adequate preparations, and availability of the necessary software, hardware, electricity and internet connectivity, we successfully conducted online examinations to students in 11 geographically dispersed Sub Saharan African countries.

This experience has demonstrated that, online examinations is feasible and cost effective in Sub Saharan Africa.

Prof Wilson Acuda, Dr Margaret, Mr. Emmanuel Luyombya, Dr Dorothy Adong Olet, Harriet Nakiganda