Urban Elder Mobile Phone Users’ Behaviour in China: A Study based on Aging Issue


In the recent years, specific marketing research related to the elderly mainly focused on the fields of tourism, pension consumption, healthy products, however, information consumption still lagged behind others mentioned above. This paper starts with usage behaviors and preference of mobile phone of the elderly, researches on the big data, reflects the conducts of the elderly who use media, then analyses consumption features and preferences, and proposes strategy on database market. It will help to lay out future marketing strategy, to fill market demands more effectively, to improve the operator’s efficiency and economic benefits, which is of dramatic significance. This paper is based on the ground of the description of the general statistics, using clustering and spatial statistics and grey model to deeply demonstrate the data owing to its particularity od data. In addition to this, it could inspire development and innovative design of APP, phone package and give references for related government, enterprises and research institutions.  

Yin Hao, Dr Law Kian Aun.