Salary satisfaction of academic staff by organizational Justice in Public Universities


Employees who perceive justice to managers applicable within the organization will give rise to more performance. Awareness of organizational justice is based on the perception of employees in organization. The perception of the justice of this organization is based on the services that workers receive from their managers and organizations. Justice in the organization and behavior of a manager affects the beliefs, feelings, behaviors, and attitudes of workers towards the organization. In this study, we have collected 200 samples to investigate organizational justice at public universities through the convenience sampling method. The results show that distributive justice has had a huge impact on salary satisfaction while interpersonal justice gives a second significance. It shows the government should review the salary of lecturers at public universities. Further studies and limitations of studies have also been discussed in detail.

Gopalan Raman, Prashanth Beleya, Nor Azim Bin Ahmad Radzi, Muhammad Ashraf Bin Anuar, Jenny Marisa Lim Dao Siang, Ramesh Kumar Moona Haji Mohamed.