Intention to Purchase Organic Food in Penang among Chinese Community


Organic formula food is a combination of natural foods with its supplements. Organic food means natural and non-chemical food stuffs that are free from chemicals or additives starting from the earliest processing. Additionally, Chinese consumers today do not yet fully understand the positive side of green products. The purpose of the research is to identify the relationship between Product Knowledge, Health and Safety Awareness, Subjective Norm, Product Availability and Attitude towards   Intention to purchase organic food by Chinese community. The researchers managed to collect a working sample of 212 out of which only 205 is usable. Based on non-probability techniques, sampling of purposive convenience sampling has been applied based on researchers' considerations where the sampling location is in Penang Island Malaysia. The research results show that Chinese community at Penang Island have more awareness of organic products through Product Knowledge and Health and Safety Awareness. But they lack in terms of product availability in the market. The implication of the study has been discussed with limitation of the study and future research suggestion.

Ninderpal Singh Balwant Singh, Aruna Raj Devarajoo, Nurfadhilah Abu Hasan, Premkumar Nadarajan, Peramjit Singh Balbir Singh.