The Practices of Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs): Equipping the Pre Service Teachers with the Required Concepts and Skills



Based on the premise that quality education demands effective teachers, this qualitative- quantitative study was pursued to determine the practices of Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) that are capable of equipping the pre service teachers with the concepts and skills they need to become good teachers in basic education. A total of 25 faculty and 68 pre service teachers from four TEIs were the participants of the study. Standardized concept tests, science process skills tests, attitudinaire, classroom observation protocol, interview protocol and documentary analysis were utilized in the study. As a whole, enriched curricula and syllabi, a well implemented faculty development program and strict admission and retention policies are practices that can bring about the attainment of the implemented curriculum. The practices which resulted in the attainment of the planned and implemented curriculum are translated into policies and disseminated to all TEI’s in the country.


Keywords: curriculum, practices, Science Education, Teacher Education Institution

Maila R. Deocaris, Celso B. Angeles, Shearyl U. Espana.