Prepare2Nspire (P2N): A Tutoring and Mentoring Model to Support the Teaching and Learning of Precollege Students


In this paper, we present a tutoring and mentoring model to support the teaching and learning of precollege students; specifically eighth and 11th graders. This framework is based on the idea that tutors function as ‘more knowledgeable others’ whose function is to guide the learning of others so as they achieve the expertise they possess. Additionally, we view the process of tutoring as involving developing a mentoring relationship where the tutee looks up to the tutor as a person with certain desirable traits worth learning. The mentoring and tutoring model known as Prepare2Nspire (P2N) involves providing mentutors to precollege students who help their mentutees learn standards-related mathematics and homework support. The mentutors also serve as role models to their assigned mentutuees. The model is based upon literature review from three theoretical frameworks namely situated learning, sociocognitive theory, and sociocultural and two conceptual frameworks; learning communities and cooperative learning.


Key words: peer tutoring, mathematics communities, mathematics support, urban students

Dr. Easther Enthony.