Learning Advancement Experience: Case of Emmanuel Tonya


This paper is aimed at explaining different learning styles with reference to Emmanuel Tonya as a case, a qualitative analysis. Learning is a process of transformation of knowledge, behaviour, skills and values. The learning process is where the learner acquires new or advancing knowledge depending on the ability and environment to support the process. This study used VARK model as the methodology for discussion of the learning experience. The learning styles bases on the VARK model (Visual, Aid, Read/write and the Kinesthetic). It is learned that, no one style is best than the other. Learner can use one or combination of the four.  In this inspiration paper, it is known that distance learning is a mode which can be embedded with online learning and support learners to acquire knowledge while performing other activities. The study recommends that, the practitioners should acknowledge knowledge’s acquired from different styles of learning.  That is one who acquires the knowledge can perform duties depending on the span of learning requirement.  Also, the paper recommends that, people should be allowed to learn through distance/online so as to practice what they learn simultaneously.

Emmanuel Tonya.