Parental Involvement In English Literacy Homework With Primary School Learners


The aim of this research is to explore parental involvement within an English Literacy intervention programme focusing on a group of Grade 4 primary school learners. The study postulate that active involvement of parents in their children’s education can enhance learning, and argues that in order for learners and parents to actively engage with the learning processes they should become more emancipated in the process. Therefore the main focus is that parents can be assisted by educators, to scaffold the learning processes of their children. The study is framed by a qualitative approach, to which the parents of identified learners were invited. The programme was implemented to investigate the benefits of parental involvement in after school homework activities. A small multilingual focus group was formed to determine the success (es) of this programme. A research paradigm was used to lean towards a critical theory paradigm framed by an action research model.

Christabel Belinda Rooi