The Influence of Industrial Clusters on the Competitiveness of Chemical Production Enterprises in Zhejiang Province


Enterprise competitiveness is a key indicator for evaluating an enterprise. For an enterprise, competitiveness covers the company's operating ability, profitability, and management ability, and is concentrated in the aspects of enterprise management, profitability, culture, sustainable development, and development concepts. How to promote the improvement of enterprise competitiveness is an important problem facing China at present.  The purpose is to use the cluster effect to promote regional economic growth. Industrial cluster model to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. It can be said that industrial clusters profoundly affect the corporate structure and economic growth. Under such conditions, industrial clusters have a significant reflection on improving the strength of agglomerations and regions. Promoting the development of industrial clusters has become the main strategic task of promoting economic growth, improving and protecting people's livelihood, and strengthening social stability. Therefore, how to use these factors and how to enhance the role of these factors, so that industrial clusters can become a booster for the competitiveness of enterprises, has become an important issue for the government, enterprises and academia to think together. This paper analyzes this issue through a series of studies and target Zhejiang chemical production enterprises to help enterprises fully understand the importance and mechanism of these factors, and assist companies to extract their essence and remove their dross, thereby promoting Improvement of the enterprise's own competitiveness. As far as the current situation is concerned, the cultivation and growth of the Zhejiang chemical industry cluster requires the establishment and improvement of a policy system that supports enterprises and the establishment of a good cooperation and communication

mechanism. Strong development ability can occupy a solid market position in the future market.

Fang Baihong