China's industrial economy has entered a new normal of slower speed and better structure. The new economy represented by high-tech industries, new energy and "Internet plus" is quietly emerging, gradually becoming a key support force for China's economic transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency improvement. Chinese Internet enterprises have also ushered in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for development, with remarkable achievements. At present, the key to industrial transformation and upgrading is to make technological progress and take "talents" as a foothold. They need to shoulder the responsibility of knowledge creation, application, value-added and rational allocation of resources. Preliminary research in the United States shows that knowledge-based employees make up 61 percent of the country's workforce. In China, knowledge-based employees control the level of wealth creation, but they are in short supply. Effective management of knowledge-based employees has always been one of the important research topics in human resource management. In the field of knowledge study, this study explore the Internet strategy of ecological model, the influence of the knowledge staff to the enterprise performance relationship, with the introduction of reflecting the knowledge staff motivation system as the intermediary variable, for Internet strategy driven by ecological model, the knowledge staff management and corporate performance study provides a new channel. In this study, 40 Internet ecological enterprises were selected. Through the collection of multiple data and the method of factor analysis, the overall ranking of the enterprises was conducted. This questionnaire was distributed to knowledge employees and enterprise managers of Internet ecological enterprises. 400 questionnaires were distributed and 360 were valid, with an effective recovery rate of 90.0%. The author mainly sent emails to the knowledge-based employees and managers of the Internet ecological enterprises to conduct a questionnaire survey with the consent of the enterprise. Firstly, based on literature review, this study defines the definition of knowledge-based employees, and adopts questionnaires and in-depth interviews to investigate the management of knowledge-based employees in Internet ecological enterprises. Through the analysis of related concepts and components, the scale of management of knowledge-based employees in Internet ecological enterprises was developed. Through empirical analysis, it was verified that the scale of management of knowledge-based employees in Internet ecological enterprises had good reliability and validity. Based on the proposed research hypothesis, the paper designs and improves the measurement scale of knowledge-based employee management and related variables in the Internet ecological enterprise, and adopts the methods of correlation analysis, regression analysis and structural equation to conduct empirical analysis on the data, test and form the measurement scale of each concept, and verify the research hypothesis involved in the research model. Secondly, this study studies the intermediary relationship between employee management and ecological model and enterprise performance of the motivation system for knowledge-based employees in Internet ecological enterprises and proposes the hypothesis of the relationship between management of knowledge-based employees, ecological model and enterprise performance. Based on the research results of knowledge-based employee management in Internet ecological enterprises, this study studies the influencing factors of knowledge-based employee management on enterprise performance and the overall research objectives. This study put forward by regression analysis method to study the questionnaire data, the demonstration of the correlation index factor, the results show that the following phenomena: (1) From the H1 and H2 two hypothesis, the ecological pattern and knowledge staff management itself has played a positive role to the enterprise performance, ecological model and knowledge staff management has important influence on the result of the operation of the enterprise.