Effects of Integrating Technology on the Fitness Levels of Elementary Students


The purpose of this research was to determine the effects of using technology in physical education classes on the cardiovascular endurance of fourth grade students. Three classes of fourth grade students were randomly assigned to Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), Pedometer, or Control groups and participated in the same physical education activities for 24 weeks. Comparisons on the ½ mile fitness run of the 3 groups were not significantly different from each other (p = .3580) at the beginning of the study. There were no significant correlations (p > 0.05) between activity levels and mile run times after the 24 weeks. A two-way (Treatment x Gender) ANOVA was used to analyse mile run times after the 24 weeks. The main effect of gender (p < 0.01) was significant while the effect of treatment (p > 0.05) and the Treatment x Gender interaction (p > 0.05) were not.

Dr. Shelia L. Jackson, Dr. Annette Holeyfield