This research is motivated by the importance of strategies for developing curriculum and teacher quality in education units. The research was carried out to study the education unit's strategy to become an achiever institution, as well as to maintain and develop it. This research conducted in Islamic State Senior High Scool (MAN) and Islamic Senior High School (MA) “Ma’arif” NahdlatulUlama. The research is a qualitative research with a phenomenological approach. Data was collected through in-depth interviews, participatory observation, document review, andFocus Group Discussion (FGD). Data were analyzed using individual and cross-case analysis, carried out during data collection and afterwards. The results of the study show that strategies for improving curriculum and teacher quality are carried out by developing integrated curriculum, developing contextual curriculum, forming curriculum development teams, integrating extracurricular and ma'had programs also developing strategic extracurricular activities.The strategy to improve the educators’ quality is carried out by strengthening the system and implementing supervision, strengthening the integrated competency development system and implementing PKB and PKKS/M.In its implementation, it was found some differences in the character of the development of strategies regarding the rules and system of managing educational institutions organized by the government and the community.

Syaikhul Munib, MujamilQomar, Ngainun Na’im, Agus Zaenul Fitri, and Mohamad Jazeri