The Influence of Service Innovation of Wenzhou Large Shopping Malls on Consumers


The emergence of new retail makes the consumer economy gradually move to the mainstream. With the completion of the consumer transformation of new retail, the production-oriented economy will become the past style. Starting from the real needs of consumers, the market pushes backward to the production of commodities and implements the slogan of "consumers first". However, the service industry in China has long been faced with the problems of insufficient competitiveness, low service quality and low customer satisfaction. These problems have been restricting the development of enterprises. How to solve these problems has become the focus of enterprises and academia. In view of these situations, this study takes the retail industry as an example, trying to provide theoretical support and practical guidance for the service management of enterprises from the perspective of service innovation, consumer sentiment and behavior intention. Through the theoretical analysis of domestic and foreign literature on service innovation, through the definition of service innovation, consumer sentiment, behavior intention, and through the empirical research, we can draw the following conclusions: service innovation has a significant positive impact on behavioral intention, and the five dimensions of service function and project innovation, service process and delivery mode innovation, service environment and atmosphere innovation have a positive impact on behavioral intention. Service innovation has a significant impact on consumer sentiment.

Lin ZhuHuan