Contemporary Persian Ghazal of Iran, Lyrical Literature and Its Romanticist Movement


Ghazal can be the most stable form of Persian poetry which its fluency, indicating emotions and feelings in the poet and the presence of important concepts such as love and mysticism can be the causes of its immortality. Different types and themes of lyrical literature as well as components of Romanticism are significant in the contemporary Persian Ghazal. In the present study, Persian Ghazal and its relationship with the lyrical genre and Romanticist Movement are investigated. Persian lyrical literature in the contemporary Ghazal got closed for some decades to the basics of Romanticist Movement. Can such closeness and homology be the effect of world literature and Romanticism? What was the nature of Persian poetry and lyrical genre in Iran?

Dr Mahmoud Barati, Dr Gholamhosein Sharifi Voldani.