Dimensions of Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Review of Literature


The Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) is a useful and important concept of Human Resource Management and organizational behavior. Since Organ has proposed OCB in 1983, the academic research on it had been continued. Most of these studies focus the dimensions of OCB.  However, since Organ proposed the concept, there is a debate among the researchers about the dimensions of OCB. Therefore there is a question that, what would be the most appropriate dimensions of OCB. In such a scenario this study tries to analyze the existing dimensions of OCB. Through the literature review, it is identified the mostly used five dimensions such as such as. Altruism, Courtesy, Conscientiousness, Sportsmanship and Civic Virtue and the same is proposed as the directions for future research.

Keywords:  Altruism, Courtesy, Conscientiousness, Sportsmanship, Civic Virtue Dimensions of OCB, Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Sportsmanship.

Hemakumara, M.G.G, Ph, D.