The Characteristics of Igbo Culture That Influence Career Choice Among Female 12th Grade Students In Enugu Urban School, Nigeria


This qualitative study sought to obtain an understanding of Igbo culture characteristics that influence the career choice of female 12th grade students as they approach their graduation from high school in Enugu Urban School. The research designs applied in this study are individual as well as focus groups audio-taped interviews of thirty-one individuals that formed the three focus groups. Semi-structured and  informal  questions were used. Analysis of documents and artifacts from literature review served as secondary sources  of data collection. The study concluded that that there are three cardinal factors which influenced the post high school career attainment of 12th female students. They were the patriarchal and in-egalitarian nature of Igbo  culture,  gender roles stereotype, and child’s position in the family among other siblings. Other cultural and non- cultural barriers that empower or hinder female students from career attainment in other groups should be of interest for further studies.

Herbert Nnadozie Ene, Dr. Larry McNeal.