On Enhancing Pre-service Teacher 21st century Skills using Cmap Tools


This paper proposes an instructional design towards the enhancement of the pre-service teachers 21st century skills, by challenging ways of thinking, ways of working and tools for working More specifically, the proposed ID supports efforts for systemic thinking by integrating individual and collaborative concept mapping using the Cmap Tools software. Furthermore, on the basis of the learning analytics approach, it focuses on the identification of a higher level of abstraction upon the analysis of CMs that were ‘construct-by-self’ and ‘construct-by-pair’. Towards this direction, clusters of concepts and their relations are researched and the role of the collaboration quality to their evolution is explored. The work contributes to informing about deeper synergies between collaborative learning and systemic thinking, reinforcing in this way the reflection upon experiential learning. Experimental data from the implementation of the proposed ID reveal its potentiality to contribute to the development of the pre-service teachers as reflective practitioners.

Key words: 21st century skills, pre-service teachers, learning analytics, concept mapping, online collaborative learning environment, quality of collaboration, Cmap Tools.

Hadjileontiadou Sofia