The Construction and Validation of Dimensions and Scale of the Police Service Quality on Virtual and Real Integration- A Case of Kaohsiung City Police Department


The police are aimed at promoting the common interests of society and preventing harm. The daily life of the population is closely related to the police service. Due to the lack of an appropriate quality of service scale for the police. Therefore, this study is based on the service quality evaluation model. Then Combined with the collection of public service quality assessment assessment scale to discuss the construction and verification of the quality dimension and scale of police agency. The results showed six quality dimensions of tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and promptitude extracted from 34 questions to be key factors affecting the service quality of the police. Finally, the study puts forward the meaning and suggestions of practice and management.


Key words Police Department, Service Quality, Dimension, Scale.

a Shih-Hsing Cheng, b Yu-Lung Wu, c Li-Chuan Huang *.