Integrative-Transformative Curriculum Development Strategy in Learning Quality Assurance (Multi sites Study at SMP Khairunnas Tuban and SMP Al Hikmah Surabaya Indonesia)


This research originated from a significant phenomenon in education, namely the decline within the moral values of the nation's generation. Education ideally contains a major influence on improving the standard of human resources, not experiencing a shift within the values of pragmatism, materialism, hedonism, and secularism. This transformation requires an integrative-transformative curriculum development strategy. This development strategy approach may be a solution to the shifting of educational values, with the integration of Islamic boarding schools' values that may become a powerful fortress in instilling the values of character, skills, and independent spirit of integrated and competent students. This study aims to identify, describe and develop strategies for developing an integrative-transformative curriculum. This study uses a phenomenological approach with qualitative research types and a multi-site study design. Methods of data collection using participant observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. Data analysis with data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions / cross-site verification. to test the validity of the data, attendance extension, triangulation, peer discussion, and clarification with informants were administered . The results of this study reveal that the 2 institutions have integrated different patterns, namely: 1) integration of the varsity curriculum into the pesantren curriculum and, 2) the integration of the pesantren curriculum into the school curriculum. that the development of this curriculum will produce an integrative-transformative curriculum development model based on pesantren and schools and might guarantee the standard of effective learning.


Keywords: Integrative-Transformative Curriculum, Quality Assurance of Learning

M. Yusuf Aminuddin Mujamil Qomar Akhyak Inarotul A’yun .