Reflections on the Role of the Teacher in Promoting Multicultural pedagogy in Teaching and Learning at Secondary School.


The research focuses on whether or not teachers are ready to adopt a social pedagogical approach to teaching and learning within the realm of multicultural education. It thus looks at pedagogical aspects, classroom practices and initiatives that influence the quality of education as practiced at three educational institutions in Zimbabwe. Inherent in the study, are strategies that can be employed to strengthen approaches to teaching students from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds in line with the multicultural values in Zimbabwe. The discussion is based on an analysis of data collected through questionnaires and interviews from a sample of thirty five (35)out of one hundred and fifteen (115) teachers. The results indicated that most teachers lacked adequate training and skills to implement pedagogical approaches consistent with teaching of pupils from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Key words: Multicultural education, Diverse learning needs, Pedagogical approaches, Cultural pluralism.

Mandoga Edward