The Susceptibility of the Implementation of Strategic planning in Private Institutions of Higher Education in Brazil: a Case Study


A big debate arises in the professional and academic areas when it comes to the discussions about the effectiveness of strategic planning in some specific industries. In particular, private Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) in Brazil are concerned with being regarded as treating education as “merchandise.” This way, they tend to think of strategic planning as a potentially harmful tool that must not overcome the pedagogical plan. In this context, this paper aims to show the strategic possibilities to be developed by organizations in achieving the implementation of the actions contained in strategic planning, including the need to measure the potential outcomes. This paper describes some of the key literature on strategy implementation. It then presents the difficulties for the implementation of strategic planning in an IHE, in order to indicate possible alternatives to guiding such organizations’ private equity through achieving e effectiveness in their planning. The research method includes qualitative research and content analysis to unveil a case study. This research contributes to the discussion of the managerial factors in IHEs and the benefits of the use of management technologies in their daily lives.