Bullying Type in Gender Perspective in Senior High School Students, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia


This paper aims to identify the bullying type in South Sulawesi, Indonesia from gender perspective by using quantitative study. Quantitative data were obtained by using a set of questionnaires from 545 respondents in six districts in South Sulawesi. The result showed that bullying types such physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying and cyber bullying are significantly difference in terms of gender in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Separately, the whole bullying type such as physical, verbal, social and cyber are also significantly different between male and female. The male students are more involved in bullying compared with female students. This finding hopefully can provide useful information for those who involved in bullying prevention program, school administrative staff and teacher.

Keyword: Bullying, Bullying type, Gender.

Syahruddin Mahmud