Developing Augmented Reality Based Encyclopedia for Islamic Financial Literacy Learning


This study aims to develop an encyclopedia based on augmented reality as Islamic financial literacy learning media. This development research uses a 4D model consisting of 4 phase (Define, Design, Develop, and Disseminate). Material expert, media expert, and teacher are invited to test the media feasibility. The results of the feasibility test show that the level of feasibility is 4.56 which means that the learning media is very feasible to use. Furthermore, we conducted an experimental test to determine the increasing of Islamic financial literacy by using an AR based encyclopedia. The t-test results show that the t-value in the experimental class is 11.13 with a significance level of <0.05 (significant), while the control class is -1.876 with a significance level of 0.076 (not significant). This study provides implications that learning media, especially the AR based encyclopedia, is able to improve the level of Islamic financial literacy.


Keywords: Islamic Financial Literacy, Encyclopedia, Augmented Reality.

Nahiyah Jaidi Faraz1, Ratna Candra Sari2, Sariyatul Ilyana2, Novita Nurbaiti2