A Meta-Analysis: Servant Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior


 This study aims to observe the consistency of the correlation of servant leadership and organizational citizenship behavior and the correction of error in sampling using the meta-analysis technique. Research and development of organizational citizenship behavior theory has been done since about 30 years ago and one of the important factors to build organizational citizenship behavior is servant leadership. The hypothesis of this research is whether servant leadership has a consistently positive effect on organizational citizenship behavior. The quantitative review included 20 studies of 20 articles by accessing online articles in the last 5 years. The total number of research respondents was 3861 people from all industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, health, hotel industry, education, and social services in several countries. The results of the study showed that servant leadership consistently affected the employee organizational citizenship behavior with a correlation coefficient of 0.314 (medium correlation) and a 95% confidence interval within the acceptance limit of 0.117 <  ρImage removed. < 0.745. Meanwhile, the error value in sampling in the study was 7.6%.


Keywords: Meta-Analysis, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Servant Leadership.

Hafiz Anshori1, Faraz2