Resources Distribution In Malaysian Education System


Malaysia invests a large share of national income in education because the Government wants to graduate to be K-workers order to fulfill the requirements of a globalized world in 2020. The Government is committed to expedite the academic achievement, competence, skills and intends to strengthen public higher education institutions and the private sector in order to produce quality human capital to meet demands the employment market. Towards achieving this goal the government to improve and enhance the status of Research University by increasing the number of research articles produced University. The Government create efforts to improve the quality through training to produce skilled labor force by providing the 19 types of additional assistance to avail students, training institutions, as well as giving more priorities to education to create a pool K-workers and produce skills employee to change the industrialized countries

Key Word: Education System, Enhancing Educational Excellence and Budget 2014

Elmie, Jhanaki d/o Selvarajoo, Zainudin Hassan, Mahani Mokhtar