Developing myself as an Educational Leader: Does Gender Reserve any Space?


Despite the growing association of teaching field, women’s presence is still notably low in senior educational leadership positions due to the gender-explicit work on leadership position is not still well established. The contribution of broadly shared factors; gender power relations, role stereotyping and role socialization, that constructed and enacted with cultures and society are also crucial. So this article discuss about socio cultural and gender influence in educational leadership with empirical lessons. Obviously, every school system needs capable leaders to tune school with the times though the concept and meaning of leadership differ according to the national and cultural boundaries. Time and again, the personal differences in leadership positions between men and women have been concluded as some theories describe gender as an important core identity component and some views a cultural component emphasizing social role. However, the core notion advocates leadership styles and administrative contexts are gender neutral.

Key Words: Educational Leadership, Gender, School leader, Culture, Women Leader

Tara N Poudel Doctoral Candidate