Critical Discourse Analysis of the News Related to the Covid-19 Vaccines


Covid-19 has been spreading all over the world from 2019, and the designing of the Covid-19 vaccines has become the strong fighter of the pandemic. China Daily and the Guardian are two main mass media around the world, and their news reports related to the Covid-19 vaccines can partially represent the blueprint of the vaccinations. Therefore, totally 20 pieces of news from China Daily and the Guardian are selected and analyzed with the help of Halliday’s systemic functional grammar and Fairclough’s three-dimensional framework. With the analysis of reports, it is proved that there are slight differences from the perspective of language features existing in the reports of China Daily and the Guardian. Meanwhile, those choices of language strategies can also be affected by various factors including political, economic and cultural factors.

Keywords: Covid-19 vaccines, Systemic functional grammar, Three-dimensional framework, CDA

WANG Junhui1, ZANG Xiaojia2