Despite the existence of Principals’ mobility in secondary schools in Kenya, many studies done have concentrated on instructors turnover and ignored the effect of school leadership change on school effectiveness. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of principals’ mobility in secondary schools’ effectiveness as perceived by the teachers in North Rift Region. The study used ex post facto research design to explore the causes of mobility and determine the perceived outcomes of principals’ mobility in secondary schools. Simple random sampling was applied to obtain 35 schools where 242 respondents that had experienced transition of principals were obtained from document analysis. This study mainly used the questionnaire, interview and the document analysis to obtain data for analysis. The instruments were piloted through test-retest and reliability coefficient was calculated using Cronbach’s coefficient of Alpha, and a coefficient of 0.815 was obtained which was considered sufficient enough to render the instruments reliable. Content and face validation of the instruments were done by the lecturers in the school of education. Descriptive statistics were used to determine and explain proportions. One way ANOVA and Multiple Linear Regression was utilized to find the significance of the identified factors influencing mobility and whether there was a significant relationship between principals’ mobility and teacher/school characteristics. One sample t-test was utilized to find out the types and factors of mobility that highly influences principals mobility. The findings revealed that school location, school type, religious affiliation, security and mismanagement were found to be significant in influencing mobility of school Principals. It was also revealed that change of headship in schools helps boost teachers morale and teamwork. The study therefore recommends that the Teachers Service Commission should develop a policy governing principals transfers that incorporates a term limit of 5-6 years. It further recommends that change of school principals should be done periodically so as to create an open school climate which has a strong bearing on the learning environment and in the academic achievement of students.

Key Terms: Principals’ Mobility, School Effectiveness, Teacher Efficacy and Teacher Characteristics.

Chumba Sammy K, PhD