Effects of Agricultural Practices on Residential Land Use in Ipinsa Town, Akure, Nigeria


Agricultural practices have environmental effects that affect a wide range of other land uses such as residential, transportation, commercial land use, etc. Understanding the contribution of various agricultural practices to the range of other land uses would help inform choices about the most beneficial agricultural practices. This study used stratified random technique in selecting of the respondents (farmers, rulers, market women and residents) for the study. The data was analysed with the use of descriptive statistics and chi-squared analytical method for the bivariate analysis. The result revealed that more than half of the respondents are farmers. The paper suggest that land use zoning, improve transportation, technological innovation, provision of agricultural input at a subsidized rate and awareness of the negative impact of the activity by the government will improve agricultural practice and land use planning in Nigeria.

Gbenga Enisan, Adeyemi A. G.