Global economy of the world is about to exceed the limit of endurance of the Earth, pushing civilization from early phase of the XXI century closer to a possible crash than ever. In our concern for quarterly profit growth from one year to another, we lose sight of the magnitude scale of human activity in relation to the earth's resources. A century ago, the annual growth of the global economy was measured in trillions. As a result, the consuming of renewable resources is faster than their regeneration. Forests are shrinking, grasslands are deteriorating, water fall, fishing seats collapse and soils erode. Depletion of oil is at a pace that leaves little time for planning what will be beyond its peak. And "unload" in the atmosphere gases with greenhouse effect faster than nature can absorb them, thus reaching a stage where increasing the soil temperature is significantly higher than it has ever been since the beginning of agriculture in here (Hawkins, 2006). Civilization of this XXI century is not the first which takes the way of a certain economy cannot be sustained by the environment. Many other previous civilizations were in trouble regarding the environment. As Jared Diamond (2005) noted some could change the course and avoided the economic downturn. Others could not.

The idea is that the world is today in what ecologists call “mode exaggeration-and-fall”. In the past, many times the request exceeded the production of sustainable natural systems locally. In this context, the major companies in their efforts to find ways to develop projects to stop the degradation of the planet, then restore the resources. One of the large projects is CSR acting in areas such as: environmental change, resources, waste, social change, pollution, energy, eco- efficiency, water, fauna, forests, fossil fuels, contaminants, GHG (greenhouse gases), GM (genetically modified), desertification are only few objectives. It is also the task of governments and NGOs to create structures that facilitate and control this activity.

Petre Bosun1, Mirela Teodorescu2, Bianca Teodorescu3