Investigate Students’ Performance in using Articles in Sudanese Secondary Schools


This paper is an attempt to investigate the errors made by Sudanese secondary school students in handling  English articles. The sample selected for this study was (100) out of (200) students randomly chosen from the third level, Khartoum secondary school for girls. The subjects were from the same mother tongue (Arabic language. The students’ age range between (16-18) years. The data was collected through a test given to the students. It contained( 15) multiple choice questions, to choose one of the articles (a), (an), (the),or select no article at all. The analysis of the students errors showed that they commit errors as a result of interlingual and intralingual factors, and the main factor was mother tongue interference (44%). The highest of errors was in zero article (43.52%), where as the lowest percentage was in indefinite article (an) (7.60%).

Key Words: language , English articles , Students’ Performance.

Mona Elamin Elnour Ali