Current Issue

Vol. 4 No. 3 March, 2019

Title: Solving the Vocabulary Teaching and Learning Problem
Author: Wei Pang Han
Title: Human- Elephant Conflict and Environmental Journalism in Sri Lanka
Author: S.D.R Tennakoon, M.T.M. Mahees
Title: Learner self-efficacy and mobile learning adoption among community health trainees, Kenya
Author: Gatotoh, Augustine Mwangi Ph.Dab; Gakuu Christopher. M. Ph.Da & Keiyoro Peter. N, Ph.Dab
Title: The multi-faceted meaning bound with the concept of elder among the Sinhalese
Author: Akeleaya Thinguri
Title: Computer Aided Design Reasoned Issues in the Interior Architectural Design Education
Author: Juraj K. Macekova & Rosfiah N. Basrir
Title: Enhancing the Management Effectiveness of the Scientific Research Achievements at Colleges and Universities
Author: Xuepeng Chien & Meilin Jiao