Current Issue

Vol. 7 No. 1 January, 2022

Title: The Record of Cultivation of College Students’ Socialist Core Value by Using the Regional Culture
Author: Li Li
Title: The Psychological Health Education of the female college students based on “Caring Ethics”
Author: Hongchun Luo, Xiaoyun Zhang
Title: A Meta-Analysis: Servant Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Author: Hafiz Anshori1, Faraz2
Title: Effectiveness of Internal Audit in Promoting Good Governance in the Public Sector in Ghana
Author: Monica Boateng1 & Senanu Zoiku2
Title: Theory and Concepts of English for Academic Purposes
Author: Ian Bruce. Hampshire:Palgrave Macmillan, AlaaA. Al-Adnani and Hana'aA. Al-Ghamdi.
Title: Title: Integration of Value-Based Education into Technical Vocational Education and Training in Kenya
Author: Dr. Jafred Muyakaa and Dr. David Emoit Omuseb
Title: The Valuable Thinking for the Construction of Cultural Identity in Cyber
Author: Tang Ling, Wen Tingting1
Author: Pavel HANES
Title: Visual culture: the interpretational options of a visual narrative In visual media
Author: PhDr. Pavel Urban, PhD.