Saudi Secondary School Students ' Perception toward Image of the Nursing as a Profession


Despite the great advances in the nursing profession, nurses still face considerable challenges related to its image that impact on status, power and the ability to affect changes in health care. Nursing is one of the fields where marked Image is part of a profession. It is the way a person appears to others, or in the case of a profession, the way that profession appears to other disciplines and to the general public—consumers of health care. Objective: assess Saudi secondary school students ' perception toward Image of the Nursing as a Profession. A exploratory cross-sectional research design was used to conduct the research study. The area of studying was carried out at female and male secondary schools at western region in Jeddah. Non probability convenience sampling technique was utilized for this study. The estimated number of students’ was150 students from previous settings. The study tool was nursing image questionnaire classified into two parts: first part is general information and second part consists of 28-item that classified into four sub scales namely: nursing as a profession, nurses’ roles, image of nursing, and context of social value. Results the main finding of this study were that a statistical significance was found between dimensions of nursing image and sources of information of nursing as a profession in terms of context of social value with no differences in perception of nursing as a profession between male and female Saudi secondary school students. Therefore, it is recommended that increase the community awareness through mass media to highlight the advantages of the nursing profession

Hala Ahmed Abdou, Jamilah Ahmed.