Financial Analysis Of Various Companies In The Pigs Group Of Countries


This paper attempts to examine and offer insight in the investment opportunities in several industries of different sizes located in two of the PIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain) looking at their similarities/differences as well as anomalies in comparison to their US counterpart. These companies were chosen because of a number of factors including size, age, and relevance to the current world economy:

•           The Buckle Corporation (US) and Inditex (SPAIN)

•           Coach (US) and Prada (ITALY)

•           Ford (US) and Fiat (ITALY)

•           Verizon Wireless (US) and Telefonica S.A.(SPAIN)

By examining pertinent financial ratios, namely Net profit margin, Current ratio, Quick ratio, return on Assets, return on Equity, return on Investment, P/E ratio, and Price to Book Value ratio, and using various statistical methods we have determined the optimum investment alternatives.

Joseph H. Jurkowski, Dion D. Daly.