The Influence of Information and Communications Technology on Project Performance in the Aviation Sector: The Case of Kenya Airports Authority


The world over, integration of ICT into e-government and e-governance has become the trend due to advancement in technology and the need to keep a brace with the dynamic business world. For the ICT investments to be justified the influence of ICT on Project Performance needs to be probed with respect to service delivery, efficiency and accountability. The purpose of this study is to establish the influence of the adoption of ICT on Project Performance within the Aviation Sector. The purpose this study was guided by three objectives that explore how; Information Communications and Technology Resources, Information Quality and Information Communications and Technology Change Management influenced Project Performance in Kenya Airports Authority. The literature review revealed that there was limited studies focusing on the influence of ICT adoption on Project Performance in Kenyan Parastatals, especially in the Aviation sector. The methodology adopted descriptive correlational design. The target population was KAA staff involved in project management. The sample was selected using Stratified random sampling and data was anaylsed using to generate descriptive statistics.The analysis revealed a composite mean of 4.29 for ICT resources and project performance and a strong positive correlation of variables is 0.659, with a significance value of .000 thus the alternative hypothesis was accepted. The study found a composite mean of 4.301 and a standard deviation of 0.5622 for Information Quality and project performance, a positive strong correlation of 0.741, the significance value of the coefficient is 0.000 thus conclusion that there is a significant relationship between the variables. Lastly ICT Change Management and Project Performance at KAA had the highest composite mean of 4.353 and a standard deviation of 0.59 shows that most respondents agreed, and a correlation was given as 0.761 and a significance value .000 showing a significant association between the variables. Hence lead the study to conclude that ICT adoption has a positive influence on Project Performance. The researcher recommends that other Government Parastatals should be encouraged to adopt ICT based operations to enhance productivity and optimal resource use. Secondly, to ensure value is accrued from investing in ICT infrastructure, policy makers need to formulate ICT Change management policies customized for their environment, to ensure smooth transition. Lastly, for projects to be able to adhere to the set budget and quality specifications, quality information needs to inform the decision making process at all levels of the organization.

Hillary Wekesa Kizito , Johnbosco Kisimbii , Fatma Said.