IT companies are currently important high-tech companies in China. These companies have high technology and high added output value. They play an important role in the transformation of China's kinetic energy. For an IT company, the company often does not only undertake one IT-type project, but often multiple projects are carried out at the same time, which will bring about multi-project management problems. Multi-project management is different from the general management process. The multi-project management process is more complicated and has higher standards and requirements. The IT project is a non-traditional technical project, the required resources, risks, and organizational environment are also different from the general project management process. In the process of IT multi-project management, enterprises must not only consider the coordination of resources, but also must control the main progress. For some small and medium-sized IT companies, it is common for an employee to participate in multiple projects at the same time, which puts new requirements on the allocation of resources. At the same time, IT companies have high work intensity, overtime is more common, and staff mobility is often greater, which also brings new challenges to IT multi-project management. So how exactly should IT multi-project management work? What elements should be paid attention to in the specific management process? In the research of this article, four elements including schedule management, basic resources, organizational environment, and risk management are analyzed. Through empirical analysis, we study the relationship between each of the above elements and multi-project management. After verifying whether there is a connection, this article will put forward specific improvement suggestions for these elements to promote the coordination and optimization of the multi-project management process. Based on the questionnaire survey, this article also considers case studies and general studies, and deeply analyzes the impact of each element in IT multi-project management. Through research, this article believes that the final recommendations can provide certain help to Chinese IT companies and promote companies to better balance the speed of project progress and economic benefits.

Keywords: IT multi-project management; schedule management; risk management; organizational environment; basic resources.