Attributes of Employee Characteristic and Workplace Characteristic on Employees Commitment in Banking Industry


This study was conducted with the aim to determine the effect of employee characteristic and workplace characteristic on employee commitment in banking industry in Malaysia. It further examined  which  workplace characteristic gave the highest effect on employee commitment. Data was collected through distribution of questionnaires to 350 bank’s employees in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur,  Perak,  Penang  and Johor. Findings revealed that genders have insignificant effects on employee commitment  while  age, education level and tenure period have significantly influence the employee commitment. In  term  of  workplace characteristics, all the four variables which are training, compensation practice, employee’s relationship and participation on decision making have significant effect on  employee commitment. Among  the four variables, participation on decision making give the highest effect on employee commitments. This implies that the involvement of employee in decision making enable to create a sense of belonging to the employee and  inspire them to attach longer with the organization. It is expected that this study  will benefit  not only to scholars, bankers and human resources policy but also provide theoretical contribution.

Zam Zuriyati Mohamada, Norlela Awang Chab.