The Place of Information and Communication Technology in Students’ Cognitive Assessment in Imo State Tertiary Institutions


The study is aimed at ascertaining awareness of the role of ICT in students’ cognitive assessment and the extent of its application by lecturers in Imo State tertiary institutions. 30  lecturers from  each of the five tertiary institutions were randomly selected for the study giving a total of 150 participants. Four research questions and three hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The research design was an inferential survey using check-list for data collection. Proportion was used to answer the research questions while binominal test statistics was used to test the hypotheses. Results showed among others that lecturers are aware that ICT can play a major role in student’s cognitive assessment but the application of ICT for this purpose is still low indicating minimal use of ICT for student’s cognitive assessment. The paper concludes that the need for effective integration of ICT in assessment of students cannot be swept under the carpet.

Key Words: ICT; Students’ cognitive assessment; Tertiary institutions: Imo State.

Dr Osuala, Rita .C.