Job congruence among young graduates in Hungary


In the first part of this study we review various approaches to employability. We highlight some frequently quoted definitions to be found in the literature, and mention possible ways of measuring employability. Following the literature review we analyse empirically job congruence for young graduates. We would like to answer the question of how the amount of time spent on job search influences one of the subjective indices of employability, job congruence. We also analyse the link between job search time and horizontal congruence in different professional fields. We conclude that the link between job search and job congruence is negative. Graduates employed in the appropriate field spent less time looking for a job. We assumed that there are differences among professional fields and our assumption was confirmed. In most fields for which it is difficult to find substitute employment there is a significant difference between job-search time for congruently and incongruently employed young graduates.

Key words: employability, job congruence, job search time JEL-code: I29, J29.

Zsuzsanna KISS