Factors influencing student’s overall satisfaction in Course Evaluation Surveys: An exploratory study.


The purpose of the course evaluation survey (CES) is to obtain student’s feedback on various courses offered through a particular program that will help to take appropriate action to improve the quality of teaching and learning process. Accordingly, this study was conducted to determine the relationship between overall satisfaction and the other variables captured through the CES tool using regression models. Materials and Methods: The course evaluation survey data (N=3,846) belonging to the College of Nursing of the University of Dammam (UD) which was utilized for studying the relationship between overall satisfaction and a set of explanatory variables such as (i) course specific information available at the start of the course; (ii) Instructor’s effectiveness; (iii) Infrastructural facilities available as per the course requirements and; (iv) abilities developed by the students through the course. A stepwise regression model was used to predict the overall satisfaction (dependent) and the other explanatory variables (N=4). Results: Among the variables studied, the instructor’s effectiveness tend to have a close relationship with the overall satisfaction of the students in CES (coefficient of β is 0.472 and p<0.001). Conclusion: It is concluded that the instructor related activities have high impact on students overall satisfaction about the courses belonging to the Nursing program.

Key words: Course Evaluation Survey, Students satisfaction, Regression models, Nursing Program.

Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti, Thennarasu Maruthamuthu