Cinema, literature and technology in favour of the teacher education: a media rereading of Frankenstein


It is discussed that the Brazilian teacher education needs to be reformulated due to the world has changed and also the school clientele. According to a technological world and the increasing widespread use of media, the proposal, which will be described here, emerged. Through the movie I, Frankenstein (2014), a media rereading of the book has been proposed. It is a fact that the cinema is a tool that mobilizes mental schemes and one of its characteristics is to appropriate a spontaneous pleasure. Consequently, the project aimed at develops proposals that the undergraduate students could use with their future students in the classroom. Then, the project gathered media, literature and technology, demonstrating that the cross-cutting themes can be significantly developed, considering the reality of the students' lives.

Keywords: Cinema; literature; higher education; Frankenstein.

Alexandre H. T. Guimarães, Valéria B. Martins, Nickolas M. de Andrade