Understanding, Interpreting and Answering the Question of What Is Being Properly


We have to master six propositions and judges, which are connected each other tightly, in the process of understanding, interpreting and answering the question of what is being properly. They are :1) Being is the representative of all converted forms of the verb of be, and further the representative of all English words; 2) words are the representative of languages; 3) languages are one of the main ways in materializing the human thinking and its results, that is, languages are one of the main ways of expressing the processes of human thinking and its results; 4) the processes of human thinking is the process of subjective disposition on objects, the results of human thinking are the results of human subjective dispositions on objects; 5) subjective dispositions  are  the  processes  of  humans  dispositions  on  objectswhich  include  the  results  of  human subjective dispositions previously, from multi-aspects, multi-strata, multi-disciplines, in human minds, and the subjective dispositions are the contents of the activities of human minds; 6) the true function and aim of raising the question of what is being continually from ancient Greece to now by Occidental scholars is that they want to know what is subjective dispositions and the relationship between subjective dispositions and their linguistic expressions.

Key words: Being, Ontology, Subjectivity.

Prof. Dr. Dong Zhiyong, Dr. Hu Junliang