What Ails School Inspection in Uganda? Reflections, Experiences and Emerging Issues


School inspection is one of the mechanisms that governments use to ensure accountability to the public in terms of the value for money invested in the education systems, and to improve the education quality and in schools. The study investigated the effectiveness of school inspection in staff development in secondary schools in Wakiso District, Uganda. A mixed methods approach was used involving phenomenology and survey designs. Findings revealed that school inspection was weak in facilitating staff development in secondary schools because the process lacked the evaluative component in regard to teacher classroom practices, provision of adequate feedback and in post-inspection follow up. The study recommends that inspectors undergo further training to acquire requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes that are consistent with modern trends.

Key Words: School inspection, staff development, teachers, pre-inspection, post-inspection.

*Dr. Susan M. Macharia1 and Nicholas S. Kiruma2