When does Loyalty Transform into Addiction? Desk research in Telecommunication Services


Making the customer base more loyal is one of the key factors that can ensure success in today’s business environment. Any company that targets a healthy economic growth should have a clear focus on customer loyalty. The telecommunication industry is on an ascending trend nowadays. Everybody uses this kind of services and innovation will only bring more to discover in terms of telecommunications. This is why one could ask the question: “When does loyalty become addiction?” The purpose of this desk research, conducted with the help of online and offline sources, is to establish a theoretical framework proposal for testing influencing factors for telecommunication addiction vs. loyalty. The main conclusion is that strategies and tactics used by telecommunication companies to sustain customer loyalty can have the side effect of creating psychological addiction to this kind of services and the area of research on this topic is limited.

Keywords: customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, addiction, telecommunication services

Mihaela Roman, Adina Săniuţă