The study falls within economic oriented pedagogy and aims to make a classification of features specific for self-directed learning in economics. The methods used are meta-analytical, argumentative, logical, psychological, educational and economic. It can be concluded that self- directed learning in economic education is a process in which initiative belongs to the individuals who are able to determine their own learning needs, identify both the skills available and the ones they should have and are required by situation, understand their own motivational and emotional mechanism and deliberate on strategies to support the aims pursued. Self-directed learning is strictly oriented towards the learner: he makes it by own initiative; the time devoted to learning is flexible and timelines are variable; autonomy is very important in stabilizing self-learning goals; thematic contents are usually freely chosen (decision belongs to the man who learns); learning outcomes are established by self-assessment. So, the essential element is accountability.

Marian Siminică1, Aurelia Traistaru2