Bibliometric and Visual Analysis of Laparoscopic Surgery


The development of laparoscopic surgery, an operation performed in the abdomen through the use of microscopic incisions, can be proven repeatedly through the effectiveness of the surgery and its superiority. However, because of the existence of many abdominal illnesses, laparoscopic surgery has yet to be considered a standard treatment. Because of this, this study focuses on the Web of Science Core Collection database as a subject, making use of its incredible features to retrieve, save, manage and review information and explore blanket data on laparoscopic surgery. On the other hand, bibliometrics is employed via VOSviewer’s cluster modeling technology, using clustering and mapping features to model the importance of the literature data structure and relationship, and how they can be displayed in vector spaces to showcase trends in how knowledge structures change through clear, intuitive, and colorful graphs. As evidenced by brand-new science and technology, this will pinpoint the direction that laparoscopy’s future development will take.

Keywords: laparoscopy, bibliometrics, visualized analyses, VOSviewer

Li-Ren Liou¹´²´*, Yu-Lung Wu³, Lin Hsiao Man⁴´⁵