Publication Fee


Publication fee
If the paper is accepted for publication, author(s) will be asked to pay 100 USD as article publication fee in order to defray the operating costs. Waiver policy is not applicable. Author(s) will be entitled to one copy of the printed journal with free of charge I E one printed copy is provided against one article disregarding the number of the authors. Authors can also get additional copies of the printed journal by paying 30 USD for each additional copy.

Delivery of the hard copy's
We use EMS service for the delivery purpose. It delivers the copy within 4-6 working days. This delivery fee is included in the publication fee. If any author wants to send his/her journal copy in DHL, FEDEX service, author will have to pay extra 25 USD as delivery service fee.

Payment Instructions
We recommend to use Remittance Service like Western Union as it is fast process of payment. Bank deposit may take 3 days to 1 week for transaction as it varies with the concerned Country Locations as well as Banking Systems.
Note:  Please provide all information to the accountant for receiving money. Account details will be sent with the Review Report.

How To Send money
Click and choose what is suitable for you.

You can pay the publication fee through Western Union/ Xpress Money / Trans fast / International Money Express / Money gram