International Research and Knowledge Publications (IRKP)


International Research and Knowledge Publications (IRKP) is an international peer-reviewed open access publisher that specializes in publishing scholar journals, academic books. With the dream that our each and every reader around the world can have equal and free access to our ever growing knowledge pool, IRKP adheres to the Open Access principles, under which, everyone can get full journal article contents from our website without registration or any kind of charge. The belief is deeply rooted in our organization that none of what IRKP has achieved today would ever be made possible without your support and contribution, and it is with great appreciation you would continue to play an important and invaluable role in our academic community as a reader, author, editor or just to spread the words.


International Research and Knowledge Publications (IRKP) offers a variety of programs to support and promote education development, international cooperation, including

-Journal publishing

-Creating and developing networks for education and research

-Financial support for research projects

-Promoting the social development

-Providing training facilities

-Finance auditing etc.


International Research and Knowledge Publications (IRKP) is an independent Research Center delivering supports and services to education and research all over the world.

International Research and Knowledge Publications (IRKP) publishes a number of Journals covering Science, Humanities, Social science, Business, Natural science, Environment science, Health science, General science, Engineering, Technological science, Animal science, Sea Science, Economics and Management. All Journals are peer reviewed and open accessed.




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