Humanistic Mathematics Learning With Creative Problem Solving Assisted Interactive Compact Disk to Improve Creative Thinking Ability


The aim of this research is to know implementation of humanistic mathematics learning with Creative Problem Solving models assisted interactive compact disk to improve creative thinking ability of students on the prism and pyramid materials Grade VIII which are practice and effective, by valid devices. This is a development research by 4D models which is modified to 3D model. Learning device that was developed consists of Syllabus, Lesson Plan, Worksheet, Interactive Compact Disk and Creative Thinking Ability Test. It was conducted at SMPN 19 Semarang by selecting a sample of two classes with cluster random sampling. The results show that the classification for developed devices are valid. It is also practically increase creative thinking ability by showing the student and teacher responses were positive. Beside that, its also achieve the minimum mastery learning criteria averagewise and proportionalwise even better than control class. Attitude and process skill give positive influence towards their creative thinking ability, and there is an increasing student’s creative thinking ability of experiment class. Based on the achievement of these four indicators, the learning is apllied effectively.

H.R. Maharani1, S.B. Waluya